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WOMAD Festival Visual System

Sept 2021 - Dec 2021

Project Objective

Create a poster, program, and e-tickets for the festival of choice, and maintain a consistent visual system across all three mediums.


The World of Music, Art, and Dance (WOMAD) festival’s target audience was researched to be primarily families, young adults, and adults, hence it was essential to use a blend of both imagery and text to convey the message to a wider audience.

Poster, E-Tickets

This poster is connotative, and the purpose of using type as image was to represent the unity of all the musicians’ names, coming together to run the festival. As the intent of WOMAD is to celebrate all the diverse art forms around the world, keeping the individuality of each musician using contrasting typeface illustrations, while simultaneously manipulating the type in way that would form one whole image was essential. Rules were used to section off the type and add contrast to the curving lines of the lion, while acting as a bounds for the poster. The type’s hand-drawn quality represents the festival’s human-ness, and the image of the grass was also created using musician names, which served to ground the lion on the poster, while further reinforcing the nature aspect of the festival. 


The e-tickets follow the same nature of the poster, with the handwritten event names and rules. Important information is placed around the centre for ease of legibility on a mobile device.


The program is ordered according to how the user would read the pages, and the folding technique is a combination of an accordion and roll fold, in accommodation for portability during the day, where events could require lots of action or movement. The timetable is located on pages 4-5 so that viewers can easily map out and check their schedule without needing to open up the full poster. The map is placed at the side of the poster so that viewers can refold the program to single out the map for ease of access if needed. While the handwritten type is not used for the event headings, they are still incorporated in the artist setlist as a means to showcase their individual styles, while staying consistent with the poster and etickets.

Overall System

The typefaces were chosen in consideration to the grandness of the festival, while showing elegance in respect to the celebration of art around the world. The colours are mostly warm, to provide viewers with a comfortable feeling. The green colour is an accent meant to make the grass pop out as an individual element on the page, while also providing contrast to the warm-coloured poster.

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