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With DESN Promotional Postcards

Feb 2020 - Apr 2020

Project Objective

High school students may have very little knowledge on the meaning of design and what the Bachelor of Design program at York has to offer. To promote further understanding, design a series of three postcards (5”x7”, double-sided) representing the program. Then, based on the final design of the postcard series, convert them into a 10-30 second motion graphics video. Lastly, apply the concept into a small premier gift.



With the aim to inform new students about the program, colourful DESN characters were created, acting out scenarios representing the three main streams in the DESN program. 

As each of the characters are a different letter of the DESN program, I decided to use them as the design for the back of the postcard. Displaying them without their facial features not only helps the viewer understand the meaning of the characters, but also adds a memorability factor with its pop of colour. Memorability is the main purpose of the postcards, thus three-word taglines were paired with the images for stronger impact.

Visual Communication

The first stream is visual communication, and it is one of the streams explored in the program. The DESN characters are helping to put up the poster, in representation of the idea that the program will lend a helping hand in improving one’s knowledge and skills in visual communication, working alongside the tagline, "Learn with DESN".


Interaction Design

The second stream in the program is interaction design. The DESN characters are helping each other, representing a friendly environment, and tagline, "Build with DESN" works alongside the imagery in showcasing the experimentation that can be offered in the program.


Information Design

Information design is the last stream of design studied in the program, thus each DESN character is on top of a different-coloured bar in the bar graph doing a fun pose. The tagline, "Grow with DESN" is represented by the increasing bars, highlighting the importance of creativity and individuality alongside developing one’s skills during their time at DESN.


Promotional Gifts

The promotional gifts are a tote bag and a phone grip. As the target audience is teens, moving into their university life, it would be beneficial to receive items that may be of help for school. Additionally, the logo design of the DESN characters show representation for the program when in use, thus contributing to the memorability of the program.

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