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Visualizing World War II

Sept 2022 - Apr 2023


Why World War II?

Originally, I was interested in the topic of music psychology, and how music can help people overcome health issues, or the effect it has on peoples’ mental states. This was such a broad topic, however, that I initially had difficulty finding a subtopic that was interesting to me while also having a specified focus. However, as I continued to research, I came across the subtopic of music and political warfare, which fit my interests in history and music. One example of music and politics being intertwined at such a large scale was World War 2, which confirmed my thesis.

Project Significance

Although World War 2 is a major event that took place nearly 80 years ago, there are still lessons that can be learnt and applied in our generation. Music has and will always be relevant to every generation, as it is usually a reflection of current events. It has the ability to affect our emotions, behaviours, mindsets, and also create a sense of identity.


Music was effective then, and it has continued to influence our culture in this generation as well. As political tensions are always high, it is important that as a society, people are able to form their own thoughts and stay aware of the media forms they are exposed to. Even during World War 2, there were many examples of resistance towards political messaging. Parties such as anti-Fascist groups in Italy, Jewish composers and musicians producing music in death camps, and American producers strongly disproving of the Office of War Information’s manipulation of the music industry, show how not all people were blind followers of the general opinion. My thesis and research serves as a cautionary tale for people to be aware of the messages they are exposed to on the daily, and have the ability to form personal opinions without the influence of political messaging and mob mentality.

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