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Toronto Zoo Webpage ReDesign

Jan 2021 - Feb 2021


Myah Wills, Madeline Rubba, Gajanan Ketheeswaran

Project Objective

Research and redesign a website for the Toronto Zoo. Prototype five unique tasks the target audience may be interested in achieving on the website, and conduct user tests to observe the functionality of these tasks. 

Project Statement

This is a website that will be created for the Toronto Zoo. A new system is needed because the old system is catered towards in-person visits, and neglects online engagement. We aim to create a system that will allow its users to interact with the animals, workers, and other visitors. With scheduled livestreams, online games, and virtual events, the new system will be targeted towards animal lovers regardless of age, so it will be intuitive to users of all ages. It will be easy to navigate, with varying activities users can participate in.

Walkthrough of Website Tasks

Video Created by Gajanan Ketheeswaran

Visual Elements

Metaphors of animal prints were used to reference the animals living at the zoo, brought to the audience in an online form. To create a unique visual aesthetic, all the animal illustrations were framed outside of the webpage. 

Earthly colours like green, brown, and orange were used to reflect a zoo-like environment on the website, and make the viewers feel as though they are experiencing the Toronto Zoo on their screen.

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