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The Box Wrap

Sept 2021



The Box Wrap utilizes two individual parts to create one whole container. Inspiration for this design came from magnetic chocolate boxes, where the front flaps overlap to seal the container. Likewise, the flaps attached to the side faces join with the front face, securing the walls, while allowing a closure to the container opening. 


This container is multifunctional; colours and materials were used for the purpose of creating contrast between the two pieces. . While it can hold whatever storage is placed inside it, the strap slipping through the back face can be extended to create a handle, which allows the user to carry the container. All in all, this design resolves the need to hold air, and each element can be utilized in a multitude of ways, displaying a consideration towards sustainable design.

Project Objective

Create a “container” to hold air, using no adhesives. There are no limits to the size, shape, or form of the “container”.

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