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SDG 15 Deforestation System Map

Oct 2021 - Dec 2021


Peri Agate, Anika Jingco, Madeline Rubba

Displayed at York University's Scott Library.

Project Objective

Conduct research on one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) outlined by the UN. Using that information, create a system map on one aspect of the chosen SDG, and propose a design intervention to address the issue, in connection with the overall system.


To demonstrate the system design of Amazonian deforestation, our group designed a poster that displays an in-depth system map of the cause of Amazonian deforestation, the lasting impacts, how to protect and restore the Amazon Rainforest, how to spread awareness on this ongoing issue of Amazonian deforestation, as well as, a design intervention. 


Our group knew from the start that we wanted to incorporate the imagery of a tree into our final design, however, we also did not want our final design to look like all of our information was pushed into a form in which it does not fit. We strived to design a very organic and natural shape of a tree that did not feel forced. The final design of the system is inspired by the shape of the Kapok tree, a tree that is native to the Amazon Rainforest. The branches of the tree worked as a structure for our layout of the 4 main discussion topics (cause, impact, restoration, and promotion), and the trunk and its roots inspired the layout for our design intervention. 


A legend is utilized to show the different connections made throughout the system and show the reader where topics are discussed in multiple sections, therefore displaying the complexity of the system without overcrowding the delicate design of the system map.

Design Intervention

The design intervention can be found in brown to create the trunk of the tree without forcing it into the conventional shape of a trunk. A colour palette of varying greens are utilized for the main information, as this would help signify the feeling of foliage. These colours are used on a dark background to create a bold and vivid final design that is still delicate and organic. 


The Immersive Exhibit can be found at the bottom of the poster as a timeline detailing the events that will take place over a span of 100 years if deforestation practices persist. The blue used is to reference the intervention being a blue sky idea. 


The final poster uses the type family Inter, and uses different type sizes and weights to establish its hierarchy. The type is centred to eliminate hard edges and to create a more organic shape for the tree. 


We also knew that we wanted to provide as much information as possible on the poster, in order to help promote the issues that the Amazon Rainforest is currently experiencing. We understood that although the visuals of the poster were very important, it was equally important to provide the viewer with as much necessary information as possible. By making the poster using four 24”x 36” pages, trimmed and pasted together, to create a final poster that is roughly 48”x 72”, it allowed us to properly space the information to ensure there is enough breathing room and the type is legible from a distance. Overall, our group executed a delicate and organic design that displayed all the information we hoped to display without the design feeling cramped and crowded.

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