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Oscar Niemeyer Poster

Oct 2020

Project Objective

Design a black & white, type-as-image poster that visually conveys the architectural traits of your architect of choice in a typographic design, and using the “architectural traits” text as a guide for design strategies and ideas. The poster should be expressive, painterly, poetic, emotive, etc., and the typography should be connotative.


Upon researching and observing architectural traits of Oscar Niemeyer, four main aspects can be listed:

  1. Roundness, with free-form curves

  2. Nature-like, in context with the surrounding landscape

  3. Reinforced concrete

  4. Lightness, Simplicity 


In response to the analysis, the visualizations of the Oscar Niemeyer title, tagline and description work together to resemble a well-known building he constructed, the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, located in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil.


Resembling the “eye” shape Niemeyer’s building was said to look like, the title is used to not only draw attention to his name, but to also highlight the importance of this building among Niemeyer’s list of works. The tagline and body text symbolize his architectural traits of freeform curves and context with the natural environment the buildings are constructed upon. “Niemeyer’s Eye” was suspended above the ground, and the texts act both as the suspension part of the building and also the ramps he often incorporated in many of his designs.

As the Oscar Niemeyer Museum is representative of Niemeyer’s legacy and works, this 30 by 40 inch poster aims to highlight that importance, while simultaneously attempting to display a combination of his architectural traits through type-as image.

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