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Duct Tape Handbag

Oct 2018

Project Objective

Create a wallet or object of choice made entirely of duct tape. Creative direction is up to the individual.


Duct tape is often known for being composed of strong materials, therefore making it a sturdy tool. Within the many duct tape artworks, various examples of wallets could be found, however, I wanted to test the functionality of duct tape as a material on larger objects while creating a unique product. 

The bag is designed to have six pockets, consisting of four larger ones and two pencil holders. With consideration to multifunctionality and variety in styling, both a handle and a crossbody strap were added to the product, providing the user with a preference in the portability aspect. In terms of colour, upon researching the many different unique colours and patterns of duct tape, however, accessibility and the style of the handbag needed to be considered. Thus, the main colours chosen were beige and coral, and gold accents were added to reference metallic parts of the bag, such as the chains and buckle.

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