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Colours of My Days

Feb 2021 - Apr 2021

Project Objective

Explore a topic through an information design lens, then determine applicable data collection methods and conduct them accordingly. Upon the discovery of insights through data visualization, design using innovative and appropriate visualization strategy and design elements with effective organization and representation of the content.


“Colours of My Days” displays the flowers in a flower bed, each blooming as different sizes and colours. The trench provides a pathway for the viewer to follow along in the timeline. The date span for the data collection period is written in the description to help the viewer keep track when analyzing the chart. The flower bed doubles in meaning as a paint palette, as the colour combination and shapes created are individual and represent personalized colours. The background was set to a pale green colour to express nature, and to reinforce the flower bed being in the middle of grassy plains or plants.


Flowers were chosen as the main differentiating factor, as in reality, there are no two identical petals. Similar to how none of the days are composed the exact same, the different mood and object combinations emphasized the individualism of the data collected. Moreover, using different petals from different flower families for each object would further ensure that there would be no similar-looking flowers. Since using 16 days would create a more even-numbered composition, 16/17 tracking days were utilized.


The composition was titled “Colours of My Days” to emphasize the individuality of the results. As the data ended up being visualized in unique shapes, colours, and sizes, it was meaningful to showcase that fact. If another person were to do this same topic, that data would look completely different, so the personal aspect was highlighted through the title. The stone wall was used to address the ongoing situation occurring during the time of the data collection. As all of the data was collected within the boundaries of COVID-19 regulations, it was necessary to include it as part of the data as well.

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