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Child's Play Publication

Oct 2020 - Dec 2020

Project Objective

Curate a collection including 40-50 artefacts. Imagining that the personal collection will be exhibited in a museum, design a catalogue that displays the collection in a way that compliments the documentation style.

All Spreads


This collection book looks at nostalgia through a child-like and playful lens. Stuffed animals are often associated with childhood and imagination, thus prompting the idea to have illustrations and doodles included in alongside the documentations. 

The aim for this collection was to rediscover the many plushies I had collected from my childhood years to present time, and while documenting the collection, the opportunity was given to observe the fine details of each toy. Inside the book are my own memories written out by hand, further reinforcing the personalization of my collection, and showing a unique style of the contrast between my child-like and current handwritings.

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