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ataraxia At-Home Spa Kits

Jan 2023 - Apr 2023



noun (at-uh-rak-see-uh)

A state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquillity. A state of serene calmness, composed, poised, on an even keel.

The Brand

ataraxia provides customizable at-home spa kits for our consumers, so every individual can have the spa experience in their own way. Consumers can choose from pre-designed packages, or select their own spa products for a more personalized kit. 


Our kits enforce the use of sustainable and reusable packaging, and use an online platform for convenience and ease of accessibility for all in need of a good spa session. We source all our products locally with the aim to provide fast delivery, as well as options for monthly subscriptions to promote regular and healthy relaxation habits.

The Logo

Our logo represents the two letters from our name, “a” and “x”, as well as two aspects that are core to our company. The infinity symbol signifies balance, relating to peacefulness, and the mountain references our connection to spa treatments, as well as the organic nature of our products. The loops also acts as a bow sitting on top of a gift, as ataraxia brings the gift of relaxation to its consumers.

The Brand Book

The brand book is sized 7"x7", to connect to the theme of balance, embodied by ataraxia. The colour palette uses the more neutral colours, "soy" and "navy", to maintain a clean and legible system. Included in the contents are guidelines on how to use the logo, and digital, product and packaging applications.

The Branding Guidelines

The branding guidelines follow the visual identity of the ataraxia brand, and explain everything from the brand values, key words,  and typography, to the print and digital applications. Below are the digital spreads from the booklet. 

Check out the full branding booklet here!

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